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17-19 Main Street , Hart Im Zillertal , NORTHERN TERRITORY 6263







(03) 8790 4544

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I enjoyed going to your webiste. I rarely leave comments, but you definately up deserve a thumbs!

Curt is located in the Hart Im Zillertal area of NT. There is 1 other listing in the 6263 postcode area.

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The PGD Lawyers team are happy to announce that we have moved to our new main office at 17-19 Main St, Narre Warren North*(almost opposite the IGA). There's still a few external renovations underway as well as the settling in process, but hopefully we'll be completed by the end of the week. All other contact details remain the same and work is continuing as per usual despite the move. We hope you'll come past the new office soon and tell us what you think!!
8/12/2017 2:22:49 PM

Are you paying your employees properly? You need to be very very sure. Read this article in the Age....then contact PGD Lawyers if you need help with your employment law obligations and to make sure you are getting them right!
8/3/2017 1:23:41 AM

Stamp duty changes for land transfers between spouses/de facto partners.. Property transfers between spouses or de facto partners involving commercial and/or investment properties will no longer be exempt from stamp duty for contracts entered into from 1 July 2017. However the exemptions for the principal place of residence and for transfers following a relationship breakdown will remain in place..
6/9/2017 1:33:36 AM

Do our authorities ever say "sorry"? Why is it so hard? To find out a little more read "The Age" article below:
5/3/2017 1:18:44 AM

Changes to the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty FHOG changes The Victorian Government has announced that it intends to increase the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) from $10,000 to $20,000 for new homes built in regional Victoria and valued up to $750,000. This will apply for contracts signed from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020. Eligible first-home buyers of new homes in metropolitan Melbourne will continue to receive the $10,000 FHOG. Stamp Duty Changes The Victorian Government has announced that stamp duty (land transfer duty) will be abolished for first-home buyers purchasing a home with a dutiable value of not more than $600,000. This will make the existing first-home buyer 50 per cent duty reduction that applies to the purchase of a home with a dutiable value of not more than $600,000 a full exemption. Further, duty will be phased-in for eligible first-home buyers who purchase a home with a dutiable value between $600,001 and $750,000. Subject to the passage of the State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2017, the new measures will apply for contracts entered into from 1 July 2017. For further information, please contact PGD Lawyers on 8790 4533 or email property
3/24/2017 2:00:33 AM

Another tax for Victoria? The Victorian Government has recently announced its intention to bring in a self-reporting Vacant Residential Property Tax (VRPT). The new 1% tax will be levied on dwellings that are vacant for more than a total of 6 months in a calendar year. Owners of vacant residential property will be required to notify the SRO Vic of any vacant properties that they own. Note that some exemptions will apply. For more information, contact the team at PGD Lawyers on 8790 4533 or email:
3/10/2017 12:44:47 AM

Have you been left out of a Will (or there is no Will) and need to challenge? Let's take one such example: Your defacto partner has recently passed away leaving no Will. You are now facing abusive and aggressive family members of your late partner who are questioning your role in the relationship. What should you do? In Victoria, if there is no Will left behind by a deceased, the list of beneficiaries are generally as follows: - If survived by one partner and no children, then the partner is entitled to the whole estate; - If survived by one partner and children, then the partner is entitled to: o The personal chattels of the deceased; o The first $100,000.00 of the estate (excluding chattels); o A third of the remaining estate; - The children are entitled to equal share of the remaining estate after the partner has received his/her entitlements Even if there is no Will to be located, you will still be able to claim your entitlements provided you are able to prove your relationship with your late partner to the Courts. If you find yourself in such a situation, give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist 89790 4533. References:
2/28/2017 12:18:44 AM

STARTING UP A BUSINESS? WE ARE HERE TO HELP According to a recent article by a leading accounting firm in Australia, they are seeing a dramatic rise in co-working hubs and start-up incubators in every major city in Australia from Perth to Newcastle, and everywhere in between. As part of its National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Turnbull government has announced a range of measures that improve the technological infrastructure and connectivity capacities of state capital cities and regional hubs. Starting up is already challenging in itself by working on the service or product to enable it to reach a level of revenue generation. Issues such as legalities and administration, although not directly related to the actual offering of the start up, is equally if not more important. Why lose further sleep trying to ensure that legally your business is covered? Outsource this to a law firm you trust which will make your life a lot more easier. Get it done the right way the first time, and you will not need to constantly re-visit these issues allowing you time to really focus on the core business of your start up. PGD Lawyers can assist you with your start up and ongoing legal queries including Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality Agreements, Privacy Policies, Non-disclosure Agreements and Shareholders Agreements. The team at PGD Lawyers strongly encourage getting the right advice for business which can save you thousands of dollars in the long term. You can contact PGD on 8790 4533.
2/17/2017 1:17:28 AM

1. POWERS OF ATTORNEY LAW CHANGES There are various types of Powers of Attorney one can have made – enduring and non-enduring ones. Power of Attorney laws changed on 1 September 2015 with the commencement of the Powers of Attorney Act 2014 The changes have not affected the medical enduring power of attorney which continues to be regulated by the Medical Treatment Act 1988. What has changed is the ‘enduring power of attorney (financial)’ which has now been combined with the ‘enduring power of guardianship’ forming a single ‘enduring power of attorney’. Additionally, a new type of power of attorney appointment, the supportive attorney, has become available. A supportive attorney can be appointed by an adult (who has decision making capacity in relation to making the supportive attorney appointment), to provide support to make and give effect to some or all of their decisions. Any powers of attorney and guardianship made before 1 September 2015 are still valid under the new Act. If you require assistance with preparing any types of powers of attorney, we can most certainly help you. Please contact our office for more information on 8790 4533.
2/15/2017 4:57:41 AM

Here's an interesting and amusing article taken from the Law Institute of Victoria's online "Law News" dated 20 July 2016.. Does scrolling through social media only to see people continually misusing there, their and they’re make your skin crawl? Or how about hearing non-lawyer friends use American legal jargon that has no meaning in Australia? (No, you can’t plead the fifth here!) TV shows, the media and clients often misuse words when talking about the law. This isn’t the US, we’re not in Suits, and many words may have a completely different meaning than the one the user intended. Here are some of the most commonly misused words to be aware of so you’re not caught out: Pre-nup is used a lot instead of financial agreement. Pre-nup implies that parties can only enter into the agreement prior to marriage, when really it can be before, during or after the marriage, or even as a de facto. Guardianship is sometimes used when talking about children, when it is actually meant to refer to parental responsibility. The law in relation to parental responsibility was changed by the Family Law Reform Act 1995 (Cth), which altered the terminology to be used when dealing with children’s matters. VCAT can appoint a guardian if a person is unable to make a reasonable judgment because of disability. Custody is often incorrectly used when talking about orders for a child to live or spend time with someone. There is no such thing as legal custody of children anymore; instead we refer to residence. Custody refers to someone being detained or imprisoned. Alimony doesn’t exist in Australia. This is an American concept. In Australia, it’s spousal maintenance. Mediation should not be used as a general term to describe any form of negotiation. It should be specified whether it is an actual mediation or not – it could be arbitration, lawyer assisted mediation, family consultant mediation, compulsory court registrar conciliation conference or a family dispute resolution. Abused is often used to describe all forms of verbal and/or physical assault or sexual violence. The definition of “abused” depends on the jurisdiction in which it occurs and most of the time the phrase is unhelpful as you really need to know what happened to form a view of its relevance in context of the advice or matter. Rarely is using the word “abused” helpful on its own. Trespass may have been used to mean a sin or offence in the past, but in modern legal language it refers to entry to a person’s land or property without permission. Effect and Affect are very different in meaning, though frequently confused. Affect is primarily a verb meaning “make a difference to” (their gender need not affect their career). Effect, on the other hand, is used both as a noun and a verb. It means “a result” as a noun (move the cursor until you get the effect you want) or “bring about a result” as a verb (growth in the economy can only be effected by stringent economic controls). Dependent/Dependant: Dependent is an adjective that means reliant on, whereas dependant is a noun and means a person who is dependent on someone else. Proceed/Precede: Precede means to come before whereas proceed means to continue on. Practise/Practice: Practise is the verb and practice is the noun. For instance, you may practise in criminal law but own your own criminal law practice. Principle/Principal: Principle is a noun meaning “a fundamental basis of a system of thought or belief” (this is one of the basic principles of democracy). Principal, on the other hand, can be an adjective meaning “main or most important” (one of the country’s principal cities) or a noun used to refer to the most senior or important person in an organisation or other group (the deputy principal or principal of a law firm). If you are ever in doubt about a particular word, or how to use it, there are plenty of free resources available. Check out The Law Handbook, which has a searchable online glossary, the Oxford English Dictionary and Grammar Monster.
8/9/2016 1:55:38 AM

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